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Must-Follow Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

Almost all construction projects in the United States use heavy equipment. Whether working on large roadbuilding projects or building a house, heavy construction equipment is essential to the nation’s infrastructure – and it is crucial to stay safe when operating it.

In terms of safety, there can be no overstatement. In America, construction is considered one of the most dangerous occupations by the United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 5333 workers lost their lives in work-related mishaps in 2019. Among them, 19.9%, or 1061 workers, were people working on construction sites.

In simple words, one out of five American workers dies as a result of construction-related accidents. This article lists multiple safety tips to counter fatalities, whether you’re relying on construction equipment rental companies or using site-owned machinery.

Safety Tips to Stay Safe at Site

It is important to note that workers face numerous hazards daily while dealing with heavy machinery. Those who work around heavy machinery should follow these proven and reliable safety tips:

Stay Out of the Line of Fire

In a line of fire, a worker is at great risk of getting caught or hit by a moving object attached to the equipment. Both operators and ground workers must follow line-of-fire rules. It’s necessary to communicate what the machinery operator intends to perform and what workers around them are expected to do.

Communicate Effectively

A radio communication system is often used between operators of machines and support workers at construction sites. Communication of changes in operation and knowing what others are doing is essential for safety. Undoubtedly, verbal exchange is the best way to accomplish this. Despite this, radios are not infallible. A fail-safe communication device is a hand signal that can be clearly seen and understood.

Maintain Situational Awareness

The importance of this safety tip cannot be overstated. Situational awareness is essential for everyone on a job site. Two types of hazards are notorious for causing injuries: overhead and underground. Booms or raised dump boxes can strike power lines. Electrical or gas lines can also be buried. Knowing the situation can save lives.

Stay Focused 

Safety requires alertness. Injuries and accidents are far less likely to happen when workers keep their eyes and minds on their tasks. Inattentiveness is often caused by fatigue, complacency, frustration, and rushing. Distractions like these cause approximately 95% of mishaps Despite knowing the hazards existed, workers failed to consider or see them.

Conduct Regular Equipment Inspections

Likewise, workers should be aware of loose attachments, worn parts, and foreign objects lodged in machinery. While dealing with a construction equipment rental company, make sure all heavy tools are in optimal working conditions.

When servicing or maintaining equipment, follow lock-out/tag-out procedures. Block the wheels with chocks and engage the parking brakes.

In addition, It’s not permissible to use a machine for unrelated tasks. A skid steer bucket, for example, isn’t designed to carry passengers. Excavators are not intended to be aerial man lifts. Injury risks are greatly reduced when you use the right machine for the proper job.


A good workplace is one that ensures workers reach their homes the same way they left in the morning.

Utilizing construction equipment rental services is always a better option than buying them. It provides you with the most advanced machinery and fine-line tools with ensured safety. Using faulty or old-age equipment can put workers in trouble.

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